Date: Sunday, May 8th 2016

Time: 9AM - NOON

Price for the Day: FREE Admission to Car Event / Gym Entry: $5 ALL DAY

CAR'S AND PR'S, what better way to enjoy your Sunday morning?

When the weather is nice, Sunday morning drives are one of our favorite things to do. So we figured why not get everyone together to show off their "Sunday" cars. Sunday, May 8th we are inviting you and your friends to our gym parking lot to show off your rides, impress each other with car lingo, enjoy pastries and of course...TRAIN. If you do not have a car that you are interested in showing off, simply come join the fun and impress everyone with your deadlifting ability. Wether you have the fastest Mustang around, or the world's strongest tricep pushdown... CAR'S AND PR'S is your day to come have some fun at the Warhouse Gym.