Veteran's Outreach Workout - January 21st, 2017

This weekend was fxcking rad and it's an honor to have such a amazing group of people in our gym all at the same time. The stories, the emotions, the intensity, and the true comradery is like no other feeling and it is what makes this event so special and it sticks with you. Thank you to all our active and veteran service men and women for everything you guys do for not only our country but for the freedom of others!! 🇺🇸 #VOWatWHG - Love, Dana Linn Bailey

#VOWatWHG Details

Members of the Military are FREE all day.
The Gym will be closed to the public from 10am-Noon and OPEN to military only for private lifting session.
At NOON the Gym will open back up to the public.
We will be there all day and encourage you to do the same.
All profits will be donated.