New bars from Watson are at the gym! Switch up your normal training and try something new.

-The Ultimate Bar is an extremely versatile bar for all types of pressing, rows and tricep work. Also known as the Football Bar, our bar is built to handle a huge amount of weight and take years of heavy use.

-The Poliquin Bar is one of the most ultimate multi-purpose bars available with the added feature of alternately angled handles. Built exactly to specifications from the legendary Charles Poliquin, this bar is great for all sorts of pressing and rowing movements and tricep and bicep work.

-The Cambered Bench Press Bar allows the user to get a far greater stretch at the bottom of the movement. The bar is also extremely useful for bent-over rows, allowing the hands to be pulled up past the level of the stomach.

-The Cambered Squat Bar is designed to help push your squat to new levels! The design of the bar makes the centre of gravity lower and brought forward. This has the effect of taking load away from the upper back.

- The Thick Grip Bar is ideal for a huge range of exercises such as: floor presses, curls, tricep extensions, military presses, bent rows, etc. Training with thick bars doesn’t just build huge grip and forearm strength, it greatly reduces elbow and shoulder strain.

-The Thick Grip EZ Bar is extremely strong yet not overly heavy so they can be used for exercises such as reverse curls as well as the usual larger compound movements.  Thick grip bar training recruits more muscle fibers than training with a regular bar and is also better on the joints.