Montana to Buffalo | Attempting Staying on Diet | 30 Day Transformation | Ep.7

Leaving MT and headed to buffalo for the EatRite expo. Let see if I can keep this diet routine going?

I'm going to go ahead and share Dana's advice on how to stay true to your goal, even when you're on the road. 

 DLB's TIP: 

Little tip when traveling over the weekend... knowing that I will be super limited for time when traveling for an appearance, most of the time I have to make do with the hotel gym, which usually will have a couple pieces of cardio, some dumbbells, and if you are lucky maybe some sort of compact cable multi functional piece. So I usually try to arrange my workouts that week that would line up with shoulders, chest or arms that weekend. You can put together a pretty good workout with minimal equipment. 

Hotel basement gym DELT workout:

1️⃣ 5x10/10/10Lateral Raise dropsets

2️⃣ 5x10/10/failureDB shoulder pressDB front raisePush-up

3️⃣ 5x10-12/10DB rear delt flyWide grip lat pull down

4️⃣ 5x12/10/8Cable upright rowCable underhand front raiseStanding DB overhead press

Expect food, training, business and my life. Videos will be uploaded MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY.

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