August 24, 2017


I am currently training for a powerlifting meet but obviously I love my bodybuilder giant set, superset, drop set to death kinda workouts. So what if I want to get stronger and build and sculpt my physique??

Powerlifters and bodybuilders lift completely different. Powerlifter low reps, heavy weight, rest and periodization. Bodybuilders moderate weight, higher volume, less rest, and frequency.

The problem is that most training programs only cater to one goal. On one hand you have solid powerlifting programs designed to increase your your 3 main lifts: bench, squat and deadlift. But without some volume necessary to really pack on size, you become stronger but you may not be able to build fuller looking muscles. For bodybuilding, you need hypertrophy, which comes from frequency, volume, and diversity of training to consistently push your muscles to grow. Now for me I want both! And there is nothing wrong with having two goals and working towards both of them... which leads me to how I train as a #powerbuilder

So this is a sample of my #powerbuilding workout. I always start with my powerlifting work and depending on that I will add in some accessory work that goes with my big lifts that day. Today I only had to get through my bench sets so obviously I added a lot of volume at the end. Didn't really realize how many sets and reps and exercises I did till actually this out for you. As I'm training I'm not really thinking about that I just like to keep throwing things together to make these obnoxious giant sets. But I love this style of training. Gets the heart pumping, the blood moving, and you don't need to go very heavy. All the heavy low rep training is at the beginning and the moderate high volume training at the end. I think this type of #powerbuilding training not only maximizes my strength of my core lifts but also feeds my bodybuilder needs with the hypertrophy.

So if you are like me and want to be strong and look strong, maybe give this style of training a try. Enjoy!



Squat SSB 3x6 @RPE 7

Bench 3x2 @ 88%

Bench 4x2 @ 82%

Long Pause Bench 4x1 @RPE 7/8


 Giant Set #1:  4-5sets x 10-12 reps or failure

Incline bench 

Barbell front raise

Incline Cable Fly

Decline  Push-Up

Front Plate Raise


 Giant Set #2:  4-5 sets x 10-12 reps or failure


Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

Upright Barbell Shrug

Decline Cable Fly



 Giant Set #3:  4 sets x 10-12 reps or failure

Diamond push-up on med ball

EZ Bar Skull Crusher

EZ Bar Close Grip Press

Cable Tricep Push Down