April 07, 2018

HELLO and Welcome back to another torturous episode of DLB vs. The Hypertrophy Coach. Today’s workout focus was SHOULDERS!!! I was obviously most excited about this one and again he did not disappointment. Shoulders have always been my specialty and I train them with a TON of volume so it usually takes a lot to wear them out. However after the first exercise, there was so much blood in them, that I couldn’t feel my hands! It was almost like all the blood in my body was pulled to my delts. It was painful and exhilarating all at the same time. 

One thing that I don’t always incorporate are partial movements, especially with laterals and rears. Concentrating on not lowering the weight fully and also making sure to stop/pause even before you are at the top of the contraction, keeps constant tension on the muscle the entire time. Time under tension, which is simply the length of time a muscle is contracting under the force of weight, continues to prove to be a key in muscle hypertrophy. So quit swinging heavy weights around mindlessly, drop your ego, drop the weights down, and slow your reps down, and GROW!!!!