March 29, 2018


So we meet again…DLB vs Hypertrophy Coach…but this time our focus was on Hamstrings and Glutes.  Have you ever wanted to sit in a corner and cry because your butt and hamstrings hurt so bad? But then you were afraid to sit because you were scared that you wouldn’t be able to get up. That’s kind of how I felt.  The crazy part was we weren’t really doing anything too out of the ordinary or heavy, but it was the simple cues to focus on that made the reps harder.  We started with the lying leg curls, which work the hamstrings more directly than any other exercise. It is also one of those exercise if you don't concentrate, you are probably getting more pump in your low back than in your hamstrings.  The first thing you usually do when reps get harder or you have on too much weight, your hips come up off the pads, your butt lifts, and you back arches.  By focusing on keeping everything still, pushing hips into the pad, probably using have the amount of weight you normally would and actually move the weight super controlled with just your hamstrings, crazy I know, but it actually just destroys you. 


Again, make sure to listen to the cues.  The cues are what make a difference in every single rep and building bigger, stronger hamstrings!!

Happy Hamstring Day…Enjoy!