Veterans Outreach Workout #VOWatWHG... Today I got to share my gym and train along side some of the baddest mf'ers... These men and women are more inspirational and more motivational than anyone on stage, in a magazine, on IG or Facebook. These are real fxcking people that have sacrificed their lives to serve our country fighting for our beliefs, our rights and our freedoms. Some of these vets have been blown up, shot, missing arms, missing legs, and some of their stories could give you nightmares...BUT here they, banded together and training harder than any professional athlete I know. Not worried about limitations or not being able to something. Didn't think about it, and just fucking did it. I watched a guy deadlift 225 with one arm and one leg. So many people would be so quick to say, oh I can't do that because's all of fxcking mindset, what you can and can not do...its days like today that put life back into perspective... It was an honor for me to train with you guys today! Thank you for involving us in your life!! Also, Thank you to everyone that came out today to support our vets and the non-profits organizations @raiderproject @operationenduringwarrior and the Recon & Sniper Foundation - DLB