December 10, 2015

We have always dreamed about owning our own gym.  We had a vision of what we would want our gym to be.  And now we are slowly taking steps to making that vision into a reality. Over the last couple years, Rob and myself have both been experimenting with different types and styles of training.  From powerlifting, to bodybuilding, to crossfit, to obstacle training we have learned and incorporated aspects into our training and workouts. There are gyms that cater to these types of training styles…But why not have a gym that can cater to all avenues of fitness.  There is no “wrong” way to train but there is a common theme to having success in fitness…and that is to just enjoy yourself and have fun with your training.  You do not need to be set in one type of training style.  And that is the goal of the WarHouse gym.

We want to break this culture of segregated gyms and marry all avenues of fitness under one roof.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, feel welcome, feel like they have a place and challenge themselves on a daily basis. And the only way for crossfitters to feel welcome and be able to challenge themselves is to bring in equipment to enhance their training.  When we think crossfit, the only brand that comes to mind is Rogue.  Rogue has always been known for the best quality equipment, so we are excited to introduce to you and our members our new Rogue Rig and Concept2 Rowers that are a staple for any crossfitter.  The rig is composed of 6 squat/bench and 16 pull-up stations so you have a group of people going through a wod together.  We are very excited for people to start experimenting with their workouts and experimenting with new equipment! 
-Dana Linn Bailey